Clear Blue Notes
Clear 1
Song Information
Tatsuya Kato
Single Information
Editeur Lantis
Vendeur Bandai Visual
Date de sortie 8 octobre 2014
Album Free! Eternal Summer Original Soundtrack Clear Blue Notes
Titres 30 (Disc 1)
32 (Disc 2)
Prix ¥ 3300
Durée 63:35 (Disc 1)
67:50 (Disc 2)

Clear Blue Notes (Free! Eternal Summer オリジナルサウンドトラック Clear Blue Notes, Free! Eternal Summer Orijinaru Saundotorakku Clear Blue Notes) est le disque originale de Free! Eternal Summer , la deuxième saison de l'anime Free! . Le CD est sorti le 8 octobre 2014.

Listes des titres

Disque 1

Dried Up Youthful Fame (TV size)

Beginning beat

Dive to the future

A beautiful day

Join us!

High spirits

Our promise

Side by side

Your wish


Threat of whale shark

Good fellowship

Brand new season

What the hell?

Theme of sea otter

Noshi swim

Each way

Signs of changing

Maybe someday

Be true to myself

Heated swim

Real intention

Do not disturb him

Powerful swim

Raging swim

Go toward

Mixed emotions

Precious teammate

Pure decision

Get ready!!

Disque 2

What you see

Ordinary days

Distress of the past

Never say never

Always together (part 1)

Always together (part 2)

Best friend

My future, your future


Weakness and toughness

In a daze

Step to hope

Leave me alone

Trailer of Eternal Summer -bitter-

Realized my feeling (part 1)

Realized my feeling (part 2)

Other self

My best team

Trailer of Eternal Summer -emotion-

Trailer of Eternal Summer -resolution-

Only for you

Lost my way

Feel my heart

Way to blue departure

Take your marks

Trailer of Eternal Summer -hope-

Trailer of Eternal Summer -future-

Swim for my dream

Eternal blue

Clear Blue Departure

Departure for the future



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